#UGR Spotlight: Keeping It Nerdy with @Nerdymelo

UGR: Tell us about yourself?
Nerdy: N is for nerdy, I’m Nerdy Derdy, creater of NerdyDirtyFuckLove. Recording artist, writer, father AND a local at comic shops. All around Nerd Activist.

UGR: What inspired you to become a musician?
Nerdy: Just being able to relate to people and have them admire my work inspires me. I love using my imagination and relating to them through my art and music. Music is something that you can jump rite into as long as your passionate about it.

UGR: What is a Vanilla Mongoose? How was your group formed?

Nerdy: In my mind Vanilla Mongoose is when banks, myself and Lynk climb into a gigantic mascot costume that’s controlled by us in different sections kind of like Power Ranger’s. Other times Vanilla Mongoose is away to describe a taste or more of a flavor. How it became… BANKS DID IT! Banks thought we could all do some work and I had a human torch track I was getting ready to record so I featured Lynk and the rest just came together.


UGR: What direction do you see hip hop moving towards?

Nerdy: I see it being pure streaming really.  I see the music business is turning smooth into the entertainment business a lot like pro wrestling. Can you cut a promo and can you sell.

UGR: Who are your top 5 favorite musicians?

Nerdy: Such a bad question!

Very much depends on my mood. Staying trued to hip hop and assuming it’s more as influence,in no exact order
– Eminem
–  50 Cent
– Joe Budden
– Ludacris
– Cassidy


UGR: Any upcoming projects or last remarks?

Nerdy: Currently I am working on something but it’s still in the infancy stages. I have T-Shirt available from Small- XL. NERDYDIRTYFUCKLOVE #RevengeOfTheNerds is hosted by DJ Rico Banks out now on Spinrella and SoundCloud. I also appear on Hugo Van Banks as well RapNXT and the Vanilla Mongoose installments. Follow me on Instagram @NerdyDerdy Twitter @NerdyMelo to stay up to date on Nerdy! & I’d like to say thanks to DJ Yagga , DJ Moka and, of course, DJ Rico Banks and everyone who listens to my music for all the support.