#UGR Spotlight: Freedom of Thought with @DyrectLynk

UGR: Tell us about yourself?
Lynk: Well, for me I come from a traditional Puerto Rican family, the younger of two children. Growing up, I always had Latin music playing in the house, but always gravitated more toward Hip-Hop. Started rhyming by memorizing popular rap songs growing up (DMX, Jay-Z , Ja Rule , Nas, Mobb Deep, Biggie, 2Pac, etc.) until my boy who taught me the basics of counting bars and rhyming inspired me to write my own material.
UGR: What inspired you to become a musician?
Lynk: My inspiration is to be a positive influence in people’s lives. My music is intended to be relatable to the listener, either cuz they are going through a rough patch, I’m depicting something plaguing their community, or they’re just enjoying life in a positive vibe. Again, the goal is to be relatable.

UGR: What is a Vanilla Mongoose? How was your group formed?

Lynk: To be honest, there is no meaning of what a Vanilla Mongoose is lmao. The name is meant to be an attention grabber. Nothing more, nothing less. As for how we came together, we linked up through Instagram off the common interest of pro wrestling. I linked up with DJ Rico Banks and Nerdy Derdy individually, but we chose to work together .
UGR: What direction do you see hip hop moving towards?
Lynk: I see it going to a place where lyrics matter again. Thanks to great artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and many others bringing lyricism back to the forefront. The forefront from the shadows that it was banished to by dumbed down commercialism, which works for me cuz I like making people think.
UGR: Who are your top 5 favorite musicians?
Lynk: Big Pun, Nas, 2Pac, Common & Talib Kweli.

UGR: Any upcoming projects or last remarks?

Lynk: I got Mind Bender Volume 1: Dripping Thoughts with DJ Rico Banks coming real soon! Freedom Of Thought available now. And lastly, if someone says you can’t do something, go for it anyway so that when you succeed they can shut up.

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