Review by Richard Caldwell
Rating: 4/5

Every now and then there comes a film that organically captures the hearts of fans. The characters and their dialogue are key to achieving this. The actors or actresses must flawlessly click. The directors vision must also be clear for all to see. Obtaining this goal, but some films manage to pull it off and “Ocean’s 8” is one of those films.

The film follows a cast of mischievous criminals as they attempt to pull off the ultimate con. The con in question is a jewel heist. An once and a lifetime opportunity to change the destiny of all of their lives. Throughout the film, they plot on the perfect plan before they attempt to pull off their heist. Can they successfully pull off the heist of the century without jeopardizing their lives!?

The cast of lead actresses is great in this film. Sandra Bullock commands the screen as she leads her team of thieves. Her fellow castmates also tag in to create the perfect team. This film is very empowering and one that women will easily love. They want love it because of old adages, but due to its modern story with relatable characters. I enjoyed it.