Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are one of the best known “VH1: Love and Hip Hop” couples. After appearing on the series, the couple would later go on to procreate.

They now have a 1 year old child together and haven’t been on the same page for awhile. Stevie and Joseline ended their relationship shortly after the birth of their child.

Later, Hernandez would leave the VH1 series and focus more on being a mother. Stevie J has landed a “Leave It To Stevie” series on VH1 that follows his life with his family.

The Music Producer has multiple children with many different women. Most of Stevie J’s children have appeared on the new VH1 television series.

Recently Stevie J ran into trouble for failing to make child support payments for one of his children. Now TMZ is reporting that Stevie and Joseline have settled their custody dispute.

According to reports, they will share joint custody of their daughter and Stevie J will pay Joseline $1,000 a month for child support. Both Reality TV stars now seem to be getting their lives on track and building separate futures apart.