So I just finished watching last nights episode of The Simpsons & I don’t think it’s fair to condemn people as they try to put their best foot forward to apologize. This is coming from a person that has also watched the Apu documentary & agrees that the character was damaging.

What I got out the episode was that they were trying to explain that once something is written the reader then decides how they want to accept the message. In this case Marge is attempting to keep her daughter Lisa from stereotypical literature. Marge loves the character, but wants the character to be how she sees & remembers the character.

The problem is that the character is as the author wrote it. When later explained that the author lived a progressive lifestyle & used her literature to express her inner opinions about those issues she fought.

Marge asks how do you accept it to which the others simply drunk alcohol as a sign of ignoring it. Meaning not to be so serious about it.

With comedy jokes are insensitive & some jokes catch, but the thing is sometimes jokes become really popular. There they take on a life of it’s own then simply what can you do?

The best thing is to only try to be cautious with the future commentary because the past effects have already occurred & damage has been done. You’ll never make everybody happy no matter what you do. You can only address them in a way you’re comfortable with & move on after.